The Confectioner's Desserts Atelier 

The desserts made by Pietro Romanengo Confectionery's Desserts Atelier are familiarly known in Genoa simply as "Romanengo desserts". They are the perfect synthesis of all our creations since the majority of ingredients come from our other confectionery Ateliers. We produce truffles using "Santé" chocolate, Marzipan sweets with candied fruit centres, "nazzarolle" - an exclusive fondant covering over a centre of maraschino-flavoured candied chestnut paste, and almond pastries - "canestrelli" - scented with orange blossom water distilled a historical distillery in the west of Liguria.  

The ultimate expression of the Confectioner's Desserts Atelier are the  so-called "quaresimali", a sweet delicacy created in the 1800s and eagerly awaited by customers every year since, during the period of Lent leading up to Easter.