The Fondants Atelier 

The Fondants Atelier produces "Demisucres", Fruit Jelly Candies, liquid centre Rosolio Drops, Ginevrine Flavoured Pastilles, and other specialty sweets. These delicacies originated in the 19th century, when artisan confectioners had already mastered the art of preserving Nature by making candied fruit and sugared almond dragées, or "confetti", and were then inspired to mimic Nature herself by molding sugar into the shapes of fruits and flowers to which natural flavourings and colourings as well as the non-alcoholic essences of traditional liqueurs could be added.

The manual nature of the confectioner's craft is clearly visible in these un-standardisable creations and it is especially through these unique specialties that the master confectioner's personal ingenuity and creativity are most freely expressed.